Iron Pirate (The Deviant Future #5)

by Eve Langlais

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Iron Pirate by Eve Langlais
The sea might be his mistress, but Shereen is the queen of his heart.

Known as the Iron Pirate, Darius has been sailing the treacherous seas for a decade now. It might be time to settle down before the monsters he’s been fending off finally get their tentacles on him.

But any plans for a quiet retirement walk the plank when he discovers the Princess Shereen has stowed away aboard his ship.

A pretty princess with a price on her head.

A woman who has only one dangerous choice if she wants to be free.

If Shereen can prove she inherited her father’s power, she might just survive. Problem is, what’s a pirate to do when she asks him to be her king?

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Iron Pirate by Eve Langlais