Famished (The Energy Vampires #3)

by Jacquelyn Frank

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[?] · 2 ratings · Published: Jan 26th, 2018

Famished by Jacquelyn Frank
The queen of the vampires lives a solitary and protected life. She must be very selective when she hunts and even more so when she takes a lover. Marcus is there to protect his queen from the evils of the world, but he quickly discovers one of the reasons she is such a powerful queen is because she brashly and independently protects herself. Both of them are used to asserting their dominance over a situation and they quickly learn they have this and other things in common...including a common enemy...the most dangerous sycophant to ever rule the Eastern Seaboard's underground. But Draz is more than a pain in the ass and an inconvenience. He has his eyes set on Simone's throne. He's no longer content with ruling just the underworld. He wants to rule the vampires too.
In the midst of this struggle, Marcus finds himself falling for the headstrong woman he is meant to protect. But how can he love her and protect her at the same time? All he has to do is look into Simone;s eyes and fall into her heart in order to find all the answers.
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Famished by Jacquelyn Frank