Treacherous Seas (Provincetown Tales) (Provincetown Tales #8)

by Radclyffe

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Treacherous Seas (Provincetown Tales) by Radclyffe
Reese Conlon’s much anticipated family leave for the birth of her child is jeopardized by the arrival of a federal task force on the hunt for a sex trafficker. And not just any purveyor of underage girls, but a US Senator and presidential hopeful. With Provincetown the center of the investigation, one of her rookie cops drawn into the undercover op, and an Assistant US Attorney who never heard of teamwork, Reese has a hard time putting the personal before the professional. When the choice comes down to the lives of her officers against the promise she made to her wife, Reese puts everything she cares about on the line.

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Treacherous Seas (Provincetown Tales) by Radclyffe