Smolder Road (Scorch #6)

by Toby Neal, Emily Kimelman, Toby Jane, Emily Reed

4.50 ·
[?] · 6 ratings · Published: 27 Sep 2019

Smolder Road by Toby Neal, Emily Kimelman, Toby Jane, Emily Reed

One thing is clear to Lucy Luciano: she and enigmatic survivalist Roan Winters are meant to be together.

He disagrees.

Life at the Haven survival compound is frustrating for the youngest and only girl of the Luciano clan. In a world torn apart by pandemic and fraught with danger, Lucy struggles to find her role. While her sisters-in-law develop the cure for Scorch Flu, and her brothers strive to secure their safety, Lucy's keen legal mind and eye for fashion seem painfully useless.

Roan is a man of few words but many skills--and secrets. It's obvious to him he can't be with a bold, fiery, and loving girl like Lucy. When her relentless persistence forces him to acknowledge their mutual attraction, sparks fly and harsh words are spoken.

Distraught, Lucy makes a terrible mistake and storms into the woods only to be kidnapped by a deadly skinhead gang, endangering her life and the lives of everyone at the Haven. Finally admitting his true feelings, Roan reaches into the darkness of his childhood and transforms into a one-man army, hell-bent on rescuing Lucy.

Can Roan and Lucy not only survive a deadly foe but defeat the wounds of his past?

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