Venus Epiphany (The Venus Trilogy #1)

by Jessica Miller

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Venus Epiphany by Jessica Miller
Lonely would be the first word to pop into Venus van Wooden’s mind if you asked her to describe herself. Not having ever been part of a healthy relationship of any shape and size, she is petrified yet elated when life leads her into the direction of a man.

A man whose deep mossy eyes captivates and shifts her completely. For the first time in her life, she feels like she has something to breathe for and someone to believe in. She had to have him.

Alistair had been no more than a recent college graduate and green professor. His mastery in finance made him the substitute for an economics class at Brutton University. His world collides as his enigmatic self must fight to not fall in love with one of his students. What will happen when the truth of his true purpose and the truth about her lineage comes out.

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Venus Epiphany by Jessica Miller