Collection: A Jonathan & Monica Shorts Anthology (The Submission #4)

by C.D. Reiss

4.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Jun 15th, 2020  | 

Collection: A Jonathan & Monica Shorts Anthology by C.D. Reiss
Jonathan hasn't seen Monica in weeks, and he has plans for her body. But with their sweet little toddler's ballet recital happening in just a few hours, when can a daddy carve out some time to make his wife scream?

What was on Jonathan's mind the morning after his first night with Monica? What was he talking to Jessica about on the phone? Find out in this scene from his POV.

After the events of Sing, Jonathan arranges a special Valentine's Day for Monica, and just about everything goes wrong.

Monica's been a bad, bad girl, and Jonathan puts into writing exactly how he's going to punish her.

A live Twitter exchange from 2013--Monica's on her way home and Jonathan tweets something so filthy she has a hard time staying good until she sees him.

This novella has some of Jonathan and Monica's roughest encounters--because that's how they like it.

Developed from the Cocktales anthology story, we check in with Antonio and Theresa, and follow Jonathan and Monica across Europe for a very important appointment. If you've wanted to see a more long-term HEA for the Drazens, this is the ending you've been waiting for!

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Collection: A Jonathan & Monica Shorts Anthology by C.D. Reiss