Phoebe: A Mail Order Bride for Holt (Bride Adventures of the Four Cotton Mill Friends #4)

by Ellie Haywood

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Phoebe: A Mail Order Bride for Holt by Ellie Haywood

A Sweet Clean Mail Order Bride Story

In this new sweet, clean romance series you’ll meet and get to know each of four best friends, all whom work at a cotton mill. Each one takes a step of faith, yearning for a better life and finds herself stepping into the unknown, uncertain of what the future beholds. However, one thing is certain - each one knows they can count on their friends for encouragement throughout the series.

In this fourth and final book of the series, you'll get to know Phoebe, the fearless leader of the four friends. Phoebe is a widowed mother of two. She lost her cruel and abusive first husband, Joe, in a drunken accident and is now
trying to make her way in the world with her two boys, Danny and William. One day she unexpectedly receives a letter from the new preacher in town, Holt, who has befriended the other three girls. Not really looking for a wife, but wanting to help out their friend; at the girls' urging, Holt invites Phoebe and her boys out West.

Overjoyed and utterly relieved that she doesn't have to spend another day at the mill, she and her boys make the journey to Goldspring. However, she has no intention of falling in love or getting too close to Holt, no matter how wonderful he may be. This is only about giving her boys a better life. Besides, she hasn't told anyone that she's sick, and getting sicker by the day.

Arriving in Goldspring, she finds that her new husband does indeed turn out to be a wonderful man, but he's also hiding a secret. In fact, he determines no one must ever know, especially Phoebe.

Will Phoebe learn to enjoy her life and trust another man again?
What will it take for Holt to be truthful about his past?

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Phoebe: A Mail Order Bride for Holt by Ellie Haywood