Hood Supreme 3

by Mz. Lady P.

4.75 · 8 ratings · Published: Jun 21st, 2020  | 

Hood Supreme 3 by Mz. Lady P.
Team Supreme is back like they never left. This time around it’s extremely personal. The Alexander Family has lived many years believing that Chanel was dead.

Now that she’s alive and well. It’s time for the family to collect on all debts owed to her. Chanel is back with a vengeance and ready for war. With Ms.Gladys, Givenchy, Prada, and Fendi standing right beside her the streets will never be the same.

Besides dealing with their enemies the brothers have to adapt with building a bond with the mother they thought they lost years ago. They find that it’s hard sharing their hearts with their mother and the ladies that love them so much.

In this installment of the highly anticipated book series you’ll observe Miyani, Gavin, and Dream stand their ground while holding their niggas down to the fullest. Secrets will be revealed and relationships will be tested.

With money on their mind, blood on their hands, and vengeance in their hearts the Alexander Family is wreaking havoc on the streets of Chicago. Ruling the streets was always a HOOD dream. Follow this ruthless ass family on their journey of reigning over all things LSUPREME!

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Hood Supreme 3 by Mz. Lady P.