Queen of Night (Thorne Hill #6)

by Emily Goodwin

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Queen of Night by Emily Goodwin
Heaven wants to kill me. Hell wants me to rule. So what’s a girl to do when powerful forces on both sides are clambering to get their hands on me?

Stay as far away from the cosmic drama as I possibly can.

Though, for those who know me, they know it’s easier said than done. But I’ve promised to take a break, to lay low, to let someone else handle the demons for a while. It’s not just my life on the line right now, and a nice long nine months off sounds pretty freaking nice.

And all is actually good until a new gang of supernaturals show up, wanting to claim Thorne Hill as their own. Like I have time for that. But the more they press, the more I realize I might have to accept a role I never wanted to in order to save not only myself, but my beloved town.

For there can only be one ruler of the night, and all hail the Witch Queen.

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Queen of Night by Emily Goodwin