To Seduce a Dragon (Venys Needs Men)

by Poppy Rhys

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To Seduce a Dragon (Venys Needs Men) by Poppy Rhys
My name is Jaya, a dreamer, bola slinger, and one of ten guardians in my tribe. I was content to live out my days keeping watch on the village, hunting, and batting away insects that flew too close to the prissy women chosen to birth the next generation.

My life was nothing like theirs. I spent way too much time burying my secret in the dirt, over and over, to make sure of it.

Gods no. That wasn't my future...

Until the sky lit up and an angry star sent all the Mist tribes into a desperate frenzy for the beasts of legend to bleed new life into our people.

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way.

I didn't mean to touch him, but what's done is done. Do I have what it takes to seduce a dragon? Don't know, but hold my bola — I'm about to find out.

This standalone story is a shorter, fast-burn romance with plenty of language and mature content. Built in the shared universe of....

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To Seduce a Dragon by Poppy Rhys

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To Seduce a Dragon (Venys Needs Men) by Poppy Rhys