Hayden's Firecracker (The Holiday Firecrackers #4)

by Megan Wade

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Hayden's Firecracker by Megan Wade
I hate Hayden Corby. Passionately.
It's always been that way, ever since he broke my mom's vase and blamed me for it when we were eight-years-old.
The day his family moved away, I waved him goodbye with a smile and a middle finger.
But now it's five years later and our parents' have rented a lake house for us to spend the 4th of July.
It's only a couple of days in his presence, but I'm dreading it.
God only knows what kind of a monster that guy is at eighteen.
So, imagine my shock when it turns out that Hayden not only glowed right up, but he makes my heart beat funny too.
Maybe there'll be more than the fireworks going bang this year...

Hayden's Firecracker is short and steamy romance that is part of the Holiday Fireworks collaboration with some of your favorite instalove authors. As always, this Megan Wade book comes with her ‘Sugar Promise’. High heat, low drama, guaranteed

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Hayden's Firecracker by Megan Wade