Mountain Man's Lost Child: A Mountain Man BWWM Romance

Ciara Cole

4.14 ·
Explicit open door [?] · 7 ratings · Published: 30 Jun 2020

Mountain Man's Lost Child: A Mountain Man BWWM Romance by Ciara Cole

A Mountain Man and his long lost child... reunited.


I was always the good girl. The senator’s daughter.
Innocent, well-behaved. Not a lustful thought in my head.

Until him.

One glimpse at my father’s new bodyguard and I knew he was the man who would change me forever.

Being in Brock’s arms was better than I had ever imagined.

Until the night he disappeared, leaving me with a baby and a broken heart.


I thought of her every moment of every day.
But I had no choice but to disappear.

And then it came out of nowhere.
A distress call.
Monique was in danger. And so was the daughter I never knew I had.

Now she’s here in my mountain cabin.
So sexy.
So perfect.

Finally I’ve got the chance to make her mine. To have the family I’ve always wanted.

But there have always been people out to destroy us.
And they’re not going to stop until they’ve won.

Note: Mountain Man's Lost Child is a steamy romance between a mountain man and his first love; and the mother of his secret child. 

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