Romancing an Arrogant Demigod (London Mythos #2)

by Rebekah Lewis

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Romancing an Arrogant Demigod by Rebekah Lewis
Bryce Stirling, the Earl of Winterthorne, has no desire to travel to the English countryside for his cousin Ione's wedding to a viscount's son. Yet, when he takes refuge in the Summerfield greenhouse to escape socializing with the wedding guests, he is instantly captivated by the beautiful woman who has chosen the same location to hide away from her family—and a persistent triton who wants her for himself.

Miss Wendelin Harlowe has three older, and far too over-protective, brothers. When the seductive Lord Shellington takes an interest in her at the wedding, her brothers swoop in, and Wendelin seeks the comfort of her greenhouse to avoid the lot of them. When she meets the Earl of Winterthorne, she wishes to learn more about the mysterious man who is frequently discussed in ton circles, but rarely seen.

It doesn't take long for the two immortals to learn they desire the same woman, and Bryce somehow allows Lord Shellington to talk him into a wager for Miss Harlowe's love. The winner gets the woman, but the loser gives up their immortality.

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Romancing an Arrogant Demigod by Rebekah Lewis