Three Words (The Sunbuckle Series)

by Ellen Birkman

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Three Words (The Sunbuckle Series) by Ellen Birkman
Three Words by Ellen Birkman
Book One of The Sunbuckle Series

Because of three words, a man and a woman meet under frightening conditions. And so begins a rich and amazing, old-fashioned love story. The magical home they create in South Florida becomes a hub for an expanding community of friends and neighbors with entertaining predicaments, thoughtful match-making, and remarkable connections. A terrible accident and a painful tragedy show the power of faith and hope. Because of three words, two little girls are lovingly welcomed into that home. Peoples’ lives are transformed through generosity, kindness, and prayer:
•a frightened young woman finds shelter
•a distraught widower finds new love
•a young criminal receives support
•a wounded police officer is comforted
•a “tankerous” neighbor finds friends
A gentle thread connects all the stories and it is the power of faith and the realization of God’s goodness. This book establishes the foundation for the 7 books that follow. The love between Kate and Tom and their tremendous impact on their community are affirmations that blessings are abundant. There is an emphasis on gardening and on sunrises. Holidays are anticipated and celebrated wholeheartedly. The beauty of nature is highlighted. The story celebrates the magic of connections between people of all ages and backgrounds, and all enjoy Kate’s sunbuckle cookies. Readers will be gently reminded that there is a different way that all of us could be living our lives. Faith and a celebration of community nourish the soul. You might find yourself putting up a birdfeeder, acting as a matchmaker, planting flowers, baking cookies and knocking on the door of a grumpy neighbor after reading this book.

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Three Words (The Sunbuckle Series) by Ellen Birkman