Playing for His Heart (Freedom Falls Football #1)

by Dillon Hunter

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Playing for His Heart by Dillon Hunter

Tutor the quarterback. Help the team. Win Dad’s love.

Sounds easy, right? Except that nothing has ever been easy for Griffin Long. Shy and quiet with bad vision and worse coordination, he always felt more at home in a classroom or in a book than in his actual home. Maybe if his dad hadn’t been the coach for the Freedom Falls Wildcats. Maybe if Griffin could show his dad that he didn’t have to play sports to be good at something. When the star quarterback needs a tutor, Griffin gets his chance.

Don’t fumble the ball. Don’t forget your priorities. Don’t… date the coach’s son.

Riley Green had it all. Good looks. Loving parents. Pro scouts ready to sign him as soon as he graduated. And then… everything started to fall apart. His parents kicked him out. His grades started to slip. His scholarship to play for the Freedom Falls Wildcats was hanging on by a thread. If it hadn’t been for the coach’s son, Riley would have already been off the team and out of school. But what happens when he starts to fall for the freshman bookworm? And how is he supposed to tell his coach?

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Playing for His Heart by Dillon Hunter