Enchanted Rock Immortals: Enchanted Rock Immortals Novellas 1-4

by Amanda Reid, Eve Cole, Fenley Grant, Susan Person

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Enchanted Rock Immortals: Enchanted Rock Immortals Novellas 1-4 by Amanda Reid, Eve Cole, Fenley Grant, Susan Person
This is the Enchanted Rock Immortals Box Set, Novellas 1-4.

The Wolf Shifter's Redemption
Enchanted Rock Immortals Novella 1
Veterinarian and animal empath, Carrie Fletcher is finally back on track after the murder of her parents by a pure paranormal fanatic three years ago. She watched his execution in the arms of Nathan Hebert, a wolf shifter she thought loved her, but dumped her as soon as his mission to protect her ended. Now, it appears the fanatic is back, and so is Nathan. This time the wolf claims he not only wants to keep her alive, he’s ready to return her love.
Leaving Carrie had been the worst mistake of his life. Clan Shifter hires Nathan Hebert’s security team with the return of the fanatic who’d given the Clan a black eye. The elusive criminal has managed to give Nathan the slip after several prominent murders, and now has targeted Carrie again, apparently looking to make a headline in the Enchanted Rock world. Soon, Nathan finds a dangerous conspiracy stretching far beyond the clan, threatening careful balance in the Enchanted Rock Immortal world and the woman he still loves.

Enchanted Rock Immortals Novella 2
Avian shifter Grayson Harpya is the natural choice for Clan Shifter’s next representative to the North American Council. Arriving late and missing the swearing in ceremony isn’t the plan. Forgiving the man responsible? Not on the agenda, either.
When Isaac Williams inherited his grandfather’s small of plot land near Enchanted Rock, he didn’t expect to see the odd assortment of non-native birds flying through. Now’s he’s accidentally injured a harpy eagle. He tries to nurse the gorgeous, giant bird of prey back to health only to find himself part of a fantastic world he didn’t know existed.
Eve Cole's Avian is the first Clan Shifter novella in the Enchanted Rock Immortals series.

Sorcery, Snakes, and Scorpions: A Love Story
Enchanted Rock Immortals Novella 3
Mage Evangeline Sand’s perfect life crashed the day her mother died. Since Enchanted Rock’s North American Council Security force failed to make her mother’s murderer pay for his crime, she’s taken the law into her own hands. Justice will be served, with a side order of magic. Unfortunately, the law has other ideas and pairs her with an unlikely and unwanted partner, Maximino ‘The Scorpion’ Espina.
Sorcerer Max Espina will do anything for his family. With his uncle’s fate in dire straights, Max shoulders the responsibility of clearing the family name and forcing the true criminal to serve his uncle’s sentence. The task gets trickier when he’s teamed up with the crime victim’s beautiful daughter, Evangeline ‘The Snake’ Sand.
Will Evangeline and Max overcome their differences, deal with their mutual attraction, and bring the true killer to justice, or will their distrust and independent ways fracture their alliance…and let a power-mad magic wielder get away with murder?

Fae Undone
Enchanted Rock Immortals Novella 4
She lived five years in banishment believing he was dead. He spent five years imprisoned by their enemy living only to see her again. Can their love survive the fight to save their kingdom?
Defeated by Kalypso for the throne of the Fae realm and broken-hearted by the death of her true love, Athena accepted banishment believing it the best option for her people. The only bright spot? She hoped her friends could find a way in her absence to dissolve the Fae marriage contract Kalypso tricked her into signing. Now, she’s wandered the human realm for five interminable Earth years as the Fae representative on The North American Council at Enchanted Rock. When Athena finds out her love, Zander, is alive and a prisoner of their enemy, she’s willing to challenge Kalypso again to free him and take back her kingdom…at any cost.
Fae Undone is the first Clan Fae novella in the Enchanted Rock Immortals series. If you like fast-paced worlds filled with magick and raw emotions, you’ll love Susan Person’s Fae adventures.

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Enchanted Rock Immortals: Enchanted Rock Immortals Novellas 1-4 by Amanda Reid, Eve Cole, Fenley Grant, Susan Person