The Familiar's Wings (The Paranormal Council #7)

by Laura Greenwood

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 22nd, 2020  | 

The Familiar's Wings by Laura Greenwood
Eliza leaving broke both of their hearts, can they now fix them both?

Ethan was left heartbroken when his childhood sweetheart, Eliza, moved away at seventeen. Now, fate has brought them back together, and Ethan is determined to make her work for his forgiveness.

Eliza has always regretted leaving Ethan, even if she'd have had to hide her true nature from him if she'd stayed. But once they come together again, they learn things about one another that they'd never known before.

A standalone witch romance. This is a spin-off of the Paranormal Council series, which starts with The Dryad's Pawprint, available in the box set, In the Shadows.

'The Familiar's Wings' is tagged as:

  • paranormal 2
  • witches 2
  • fantasy 2
  • urban fantasy 2
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The Familiar's Wings by Laura Greenwood