The Gift: Book One In The Vampire Ruth Series

by Lea Davies

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The Gift: Book One In The Vampire Ruth Series by Lea Davies
The Gift comes complete with a free audio version

The Gift is book one in a series of vampire romance books telling of a girls vampire transformation into the world of the undead.

Ruth Myers’ life was already far from perfect when she and her alcoholic mother moved to southeast London after her parent’s divorce. But things become much worse when she enrolls at the Becket secondary school for girls and finds herself the focus of Jessica Bartlett, an unrelenting vicious bully who is intent on making her life a living hell, but things change when she meets a handsome stranger, who takes her by the hand and makes her strong.

Will Ruth demand retribution and exact vampire vengeance on her tormentor?

“Get up, you ugly little rodent,” the girl screamed as she towered over her. With long blonde hair cradling her beautiful face and standing at 5ft 7”, she was anything but little, or rodent looking. She looked up at her attacker but kept her mouth shut tight, the experience of the last year had taught her that any kind of retaliation would only earn her more derision.

Sneering, the girl bent down and spoke through gritted teeth. “You're lucky we're still on school grounds, or you'd be picking up your teeth for looking at me like that.”  “Lucky,” she thought, “I'd be lucky if you and your cronies just left me alone,” but aloud, all she could say was, “sorry.”  “What? I didn't hear you, say it again.” Said the bully, smiling.

By now, a crowd had formed to watch her shame. “I'm sorry,” she said again, louder this time. “I'm sorry what.” the mean girl sneered. People laughed, fuelling the fire. “I'm sorry, Jessica.” she cried. Tears that she'd been holding back were forming in her eyes, and with a look of cruel satisfaction, the bully and her friends turned and started down the hallway.

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The Gift: Book One In The Vampire Ruth Series by Lea Davies