Name Endless (Watcher and the Rose #1)

by Jane Sorensen

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Name Endless by Jane Sorensen
Murder at the Tulgey Hand tavern. Eiana and her sister Kate struggle to maintain a semblance of order amidst the aftermath while Bill has run off with their good friend Sara. He left in such a hurry he forgot his coat. A friend shows up to help, but there is change in him that is unsettling. Surely, the church has answers. Meanwhile on a much grander scale, those who watched the world from its creation, the Endilænar, have faded. While the Endilænar lose sight and grow weak—a shadow wakes.
Come to Middenwrald where witches and werewolves live. Delve in dungeons and dare with dragons.

Note to the reader: this book contains sexual content with unconventional relationship structures.

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Name Endless by Jane Sorensen