Kept By Blu's Heart: A Novella

by Nai. L.

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Kept By Blu's Heart: A Novella by Nai. L.
When two halves of a whole meet in an unexpected, unconventional, and very desirable place, they create a love that is foreign but honest. Blu and Ryhan are loners who didn’t choose to be that way, but crossing paths led them down a road of chaotic happiness.

Blu lived a simple man’s life. Work, gym, bars, and his boys. Nothing surprised him and nothing could change his view on life, that was, until he gave into his needs and met Ryhan. He felt that she was the peace he was missing. One night of passion puts his mind at ease but leads to him wanting more. Unfortunately, Ryhan left without a second thought, leaving Blu to only dream of her.

Ryhan also lived the simple life, but she lived it to the fullest with no regrets, just accepting life as it fell in front of her. After a wasted relationship and a trip to the bar, Ryhan’s life changed, forcing her to make decisions that could save her life and bring her joy at the same time.

The chaotic happiness embraced by both Blu and Ryhan takes you down a journey that will have you on edge yet captivated by Blu’s heart. You will see a love that is forged from desire, fear, and joy. A love that is pure and full of life. A love that only Ryhan and Blu could have cultivated.

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Kept By Blu's Heart: A Novella by Nai. L.