Rolling Tin: Ginger Snapped

by Gail E. Moss

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Rolling Tin: Ginger Snapped by Gail E. Moss
ROLLING TIN is a show about Ginger Snapp, a
former political strategist turned-used car
saleswoman. She struggles to find a foothold in a
world of cutthroat sales while her father, a high
powered operative in the world of politics, secretly
schemes to get her to return to his firm.
Rolling Tin is written as a script for a half-hour TV
sit-com. Meaning it has been written with the goal
of having it produced as a show with multiple
episodes. This is the first, if you like it, there will
be more to come.
You read it much as you would a play. The action
lines go to the margins, telling you where and what
is happening. Dialog between the characters is in
the middle of the page.
Not every single detail of the scene or action is
written out. This is done with the intent of letting
the director and actors bring some of their own
interpretation to how the story is portrayed. The
fun part for you as a text reader of this show is
that you can make it look and sound however you
want in your head and there's no commercials.
It’s TV night in your cranium, have fun.

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Rolling Tin: Ginger Snapped by Gail E. Moss