Smarts in Space: Curvy girl alien romance (Snarky in Space #2)

by Juniper Jaxx

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Smarts in Space: Curvy girl alien romance by Juniper Jaxx
Six months ago, I saved a human female from being sold to an Exin for breeding. Ever since then, I haven't been able to stop thinking about her or the kiss we shared. I'm a half-blood Zo'tox, though, and the only way I'll ever be accepted on Giphiunope is by greasing the right palms. Taking Brooke as a mate would mean throwing away any hope of acceptance. I promise myself one amazing night. Except I know that one night will never be enough, no matter how forbidden she is.


Instead of working for the Intergalactic Helpdesk, I was stolen away to a black market. I thought I was doomed, that my mother would never get the medical help she couldn't afford. Then Xakhis saved me. Now he is back and I shouldn't want him, but I do. Being with him won't just get me fired—it'll paint a target on my back from the Zo'toxs and the Exins. One night could be the end of us both, but I can't deny myself. And when everything goes wrong, he could be my only hope of seeing Earth again.

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Smarts in Space: Curvy girl alien romance by Juniper Jaxx