The Unbreakable Thread

by Nissha Nirmal Kumar

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The Unbreakable Thread by Nissha Nirmal Kumar
Hirdh tried to overcome Alric, but the more she tried, the more she ended up thinking about him. And slowly, she stopped trying to forget him at all.
For she knew, Alric was part of her soul.
And she couldn’t get rid of him, however, she tried. So, she started to live with the memories she had of him, the only solace she had so far. After that, she had a small melancholic smile adorning her lips whenever she thought of him. That was better than crying all the time. Even if she tried, she couldn’t cry anymore, for her eyes became void of any more tears. Her eyes became a desert, searching for the oasis, her Alric.

Hirdh would always be aching for her Alric, the only true love of her life...

Hirdh’s eyes started glistening with tears when she heard of the red string that connected two destined souls. She prayed God, that somewhere, somehow that her invisible red string was still intact and it would reunite her with Alric.

Or was the legendary wrong? Was the thread really unbreakable?

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The Unbreakable Thread by Nissha Nirmal Kumar