The First Humans: Ben & Angel Book 2

by Nikki Lewis

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The First Humans: Ben & Angel Book 2 by Nikki Lewis
Grief…has no time limit. It has no destination in mind when it hits. It has no care as to whether or not the world still turns. And when it finally does catch up, it feels like being hit by a freight train, or being bowled over by a hurricane…maybe even being ran over by a semi-truck. It just doesn’t care. Ben should have known this. As long as he has been alive…he should have known this. But he didn’t. He didn’t even expect it. His Angel, his life, his mate asked him one simple question and it sent his world spiraling. A few months after he managed to piece himself back together…he had to bear witness to such a horrifying incident involving his best friend and it caused him to suffer all over again.Throughout this grief, Ben watched Angel struggle with PTSD. Watched her grow stronger through her own suffering. In her willingness to fight, he finds his own strength to push forward through the pain. He watched her laugh through her pain, smile through her fear, and shed tears when it was all too much. And he loved her through it all. All while grieving, himself, from the loss of his brother, and the pain his best friend suffered.And a few months after that…Ben laid down his life to save the only person that ever made him feel truly alive again…because she was worth it. Because life just wasn’t worth living…if Angel wasn’t in it.Grief has no time limit…and disaster does not pick and choose who lives or who dies. It simply strikes.*contains triggers for those who suffer from traumatic pasts dealing with;-natural disasters-mentions of rape-child abuse/neglect-mental illness-death

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The First Humans: Ben & Angel Book 2 by Nikki Lewis