Steamy Cowboy (Sutton Ranch #5)

by M. Allen

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Steamy Cowboy by M. Allen
Known across the West as The Good Doctor, Edward Sutton has a dark madness within him that he’s been trying to hide for most of his adult life. After witnessing the horrific murder of his parents, Edward allowed the madness to take him, finding pleasure in the torture of any who stood in the way of his hard-hitting gang of brothers, known across Texas as Satan’s Sons. When he comes face to face with a gunslinging beauty unafraid to pull the trigger on any who threaten her town. But when she is taken by the greedy businessman, Barrett Wilcox, Edward openly welcomes the evil madness he will need to rescue her. The only question is, will he be able to come back from the brink twice, or will he be lost forever?

After the tragic passing of her mother, Grace Newton has been raised by her father to be the boy he never had. In a town where delicate beauty is favored, Grace never considered herself delicate nor beautiful. But she loved her town and the people within its borders. After ridding them of the crooked sheriff, she is determined to take his place and continue to uphold the law. When Barrett Wilcox is determined to have her, she is forced to turn to the one man who is crazier than Wilcox to help her—Edward Sutton. Stuck between two madmen, Grace can only hope the one she has fallen for will prevail.

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Steamy Cowboy by M. Allen