Heavenly Bliss (The Island #2)

by Kylar Wilde

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 25th, 2020  | 

Heavenly Bliss by Kylar Wilde
It turns out that the beautiful private island isn’t that private after all when three best friends– Maryanne, Lucille and Tracy discover that there are three guys are on the island too.

Lucille and Jackson, together with Tracy and Evan, pair up easily, leaving man-hater Maryanne with the charming doctor Harrington.

Just when Maryanne opens herself up to Harrington, she discovers that the doctor and his friends may be hiding something from them.

Author's note: Heavenly Bliss is the second book in The Island series. It is a steamy novella filled with mystery and suspense that will leave you craving more.

Warning: Contains adult content. 18+

The Island Series:
1. A Taste of Paradise
2. Heavenly Bliss
3. Paranoia
4. The Intruder
5. Race Against Time

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Heavenly Bliss by Kylar Wilde