Big Bear: A Bear Shifter Romance (Werebear Creek #4)

by Layla Silver

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 26th, 2020  | 

Big Bear: A Bear Shifter Romance by Layla Silver
She’s been hired by the enemy, and I have to escort her around.
She’s just doing her job, but I can’t stand the sight of her.
The sight of that perfect face, of that perfect body.
The sight of that delicious mouth that’s only antagonizing me.

I’ve never been one to let a woman turn my head.
Let alone a woman that challenges me in every way she can.
Her smell seems to coat my nose and tongue, then seep into my veins.
And I’m getting scared.

Scared that if I don’t get some space between us, I’ll do something stupid.
Like haul her against the nearest flat surface and ravish her.
Scared that the last of my control will give way.
And that there’s only one way I can think of to shut her up.

Which is to press her against the wall and kiss her senseless…

Werebear Creek is full of more than just water to satisfy your appetite. It’s chockful of bad, possessive Bear Shifters who would love to just sink their teeth into you and make you theirs, completely and fully. Because once their mate comes along, nothing will stop them from claiming what’s theirs.


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Big Bear: A Bear Shifter Romance by Layla Silver