Eros: A Cabolusa Beach Lodge Series

by Everlee Whitman

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Eros: A Cabolusa Beach Lodge Series by Everlee Whitman
Cabolusa Beach Lodge is a Victorian-style, four-season resort located on the shore of Lake Michigan. The pristine, wrap-around porch, invites guests to end their day with a view of the sunset over the lake. It has been owned by the Sandburg family for decades providing vacation and recreational experiences for generations of guests.

Drew is an accountant with his head constantly buried in the numbers. Unrest has settled on his shoulders, as he just can’t shake Megan from his mind. They have been friends for years, and that first kiss they shared is as memorable today as the day it happened so many years ago.

Their lives intersected every summer for just two weeks, and today as she wrapped her arms around him everything felt like it would be right again. It was wonderful to have him back at Cabolusa Lodge where their worlds would once again come together. Will Drew and Megan find a way to create a lasting love?

The Cablolusa Beach Lodge Series is predicated on the four loves. These loves include Eros - Romantic Love, Storge - Familial Love, Philio - Friendship Love, and Agape - Unconditional Love. The deep, empirical need for romance, quite often involves the direct or indirect experience with most, if not all of these loves. The Cabolusa Beach Lodge Series is designed to offer you an experience of these true loves as you move through the characters in these romance stories.

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Eros: A Cabolusa Beach Lodge Series by Everlee Whitman