In the Business of Love (Taking Chances #2)

by Katie Bachand

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In the Business of Love by Katie Bachand

She doesn't believe in love.

He's been in love with her since the moment she walked through his door.

Now they're finding they need each other to get through the summer. She strikes up a business deal that should get them through the next three months, but he's hoping to make it a lifetime commitment.

Brilliant tech mogul, Casey Saunders believes in three things: Technology, Science, and that she's never going to make the same mistake her parents did by falling in love.

Unfortunately, her meal ticket and thriving matchmaking company doesn't care what Casey believes in. They want to feature their founder and her boyfriend in a new marketing campaign and parade her around as the face of the company.

What they don't know is, for three years, Casey's been keeping her make-believe boyfriend perfectly hidden. Now she needs a boyfriend, and she needs one fast.

Travis Maven's, the handsome, inconsolable man who hired her for her computer prowess, seems as good a choice as any. What Casey doesn't know is that he's been in love with her for just as long as he's known her.

With a quick business deal in place, can Casey and Travis both get what they want? For her, a temporary fix, and for him, a lifetime commitment?

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Q and A with the Author on the Taking Chances series

Q: Why write Taking Chances? And why choose these four women?

A: Oh, gosh. Taking Chances because each of these strong women have to take a chance on love. I think love is part fate and part what we put into it, and these women have to choose to give it a go. I also love the idea they are giving love, in most cases, a second chance. Giving love a second chance is hard, especially when you've been hurt. Now I'm starting to think I should've named it "Second Chances!"

And these women? In my mind, there was no other way. I LOVE the idea of writing women who are witty and edgy, smart and sexy, and powerful and wealthy. A lot of women strive to be this way, often at the expense of true love. Like if they have one, they can't have the other. 

Q: Why workplace romances?

A: Good question! First, at one point in my life, I thought I'd be running my own company, yet I've found a different path that locks me into a bedroom for hours at a time. This, I suppose, gives me that experience.

More so, I love the dynamic an office brings. You get to see how successful people interact as lovers and co-workers in a workplace romance. It makes for the perfect terrible moments and gives the reader the hilarious romantic comedy scenes we love in a contemporary romance.

Q: There's a lot of money in these books, why write about wealthy women?

A: Because money is fun! Wealth adds complexity to people and relationships. It lends well to the workplace romance theme and the strong women characters. If these are hardworking women, they should benefit from that. On the other hand, it also gives me a chance to create conflict. I love a good conflict.

A Note from Katie

Dear Reader, I'm so happy you've taken the time to check out my romance novel. I hope you love this book and get swept away in the hilarious friendships, the charming characters, and heartwarming (and steamy) love story. When you finish I'd love a review letting me know what you think! Sincerely, Katie xoxo (

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In the Business of Love by Katie Bachand