Purple Velvet Slippers

by Karen Miller

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 27th, 2020  | 

Purple Velvet Slippers by Karen Miller
Is it possible for people who have known each other in one life to be brought together again in another? Why is it that we feel an immediate closeness to some, and little for others? Anne Byron is serving her sentence in a prison cell in Louisiana in the late 1800s. Shift to present day New York City, in a run-down apartment occupied by Meredith Meyer, an unfulfilled publisher. As the story unfolds through spiritually psychic dreams and foretelling apparitions, Meredith discovers the similarities she shares with Anne upon finding Anne's diary buried in a trunk in her apartment attic.

This novel explores individuality, uniqueness, and the mystery of our pasts, presents, and futures. The color purple symbolically streams throughout the story, weaving both of their lives together. Purple Velvet Slippers explores the very possibility that souls from different eras can be reunited. These similarities could all just be a random coincidence. Or are they?

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Purple Velvet Slippers by Karen Miller