by Francesca Penn

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Carwrecked by Francesca Penn
Celeste Fontanne
Complicated is too simple a word and doesn’t quite describe my life. I’m trapped in between prison and truly being free. Figuratively, I may have escaped from my cell, but I’m still very much in the building. I’d gotten a glimmer of freedom, which lasted mere minutes until it came to a screeching halt. Now, I must climb out of the dregs of my former life and begin anew. But will the green-eyed stranger be able to help me, or will he become a distraction I do not need?

Beau Scott
The life I’ve once lived had a tragic ending. Deep in my sorrow, I seek solitude in the one place that used to offer me peace. With the moon high, I witness a beautiful woman climbing out of the ocean like a seductive mermaid. Our connection is instant. My instinct fights with my logic, but I refuse to let her go. My new visitor is one big mystery on legs, but I can’t deny my desire to help her.

Two people rising from the ashes of their first marriages learn how to love again.

Warning: Mentions of abuse and Domestic Violence

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Carwrecked by Francesca Penn