Love Hurts (Caldwell Brothers #6)

by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda

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Love Hurts by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda

Jun’s not better than me, but we might be perfect together.

Jun’s been a thorn in my side for years. Its only gotten worse since we’re both going after the same promotion. Being in the same room with him makes my heart pound. It’s anger, I can’t let it be anything else.

My family expects me to be the best. I have to earn this promotion and prove that belong on top. But when I catch Jun staring at me with heat in his eyes, medicine is the last thing on my mind. He’s not supposed to be into guys. Could he be into me?

I’ll show him who belongs on top.

Failure isn’t an option and that’s not a problem… except when it comes to Kairo. The perfectionist doctor has been my only competition since medical school. He’s the only surgeon to ever best me. He’s my biggest rival, and I’m pretty sure he hates me, but he makes me feel … alive.

For years, we’ve sidestepped one another. Now he’s awakened tantalizing feelings in me that I’ve been trying to ignore for most of my life. Being gay won’t fly in my conservative family. How can I consider coming out before I know he feels the same?

Sparks fly in Love Hurts when Jun and Kairo finally succumb to the forbidden desires that have simmered under the surface for years in this full length contemporary m/m romance novel.

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Love Hurts by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda