Cupids Salvation (Magical Love #1)

by Josslyn Leach

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 30th, 2020  | 

Cupids Salvation by Josslyn Leach
Hiding in the human world, Cuipary spends her nights mixing drinks, making love potions and staying far away from the drama of her supernatural world.
Things change quickly when her sister delivers a task from the Council, and their Leader, her mother. She can’t refuse this job. Three grieving shifters have been making promises they can’t keep, leaving broken hearts in their wake, in their quest to find solace after their own mate died. Cuip’s task - finding their True Mate before the end of the month. Or she get’s turned into a cupid-making factory.
As luck has it, those boys have been coming into her bar to drown their sorrow for nearly a month now. Sparks fly, cupids get a little flustered and Cuip has the opportunity to wet more than their whistles.
But is she prepared for what fate has planned out for her? More to the point, are these guys ready for this cupid to weave her magic and lusty intentions?

Cupids Salvation is book one in the Magical Love trilogy. This is a paranormal, reverse harem, adult read, book ends in a happy ending but still leaves you kinda cliffy.

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Cupids Salvation by Josslyn Leach