Starting Over

by Carol Wyatt

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Starting Over by Carol Wyatt

Alexandria Ryder has her life figured out. At least professionally.

She's a well-respected relationship expert with two books published and another on the way.

She's also a regular on TV talk shows and podcasts.

Life is good, until it starts to fall apart, and as Alex's 40th birthday approaches, she starts to question everything.

At 28, Payton isn't where she thought she'd be.

Her dreams of becoming a doctor are long gone, and Payton still has medical school loans to pay back even if she doesn't have anything to show for it.

Payton never stayed in relationships for long, preferring the freedom of dating and playing the field, but when she meets Alex, Payton is immediately drawn to her.

Both Alex and Payton are at a crossroads in their lives and getting into a relationship was not what either of them had planned on, but the infatuation and the chemistry is undeniable, and the two women can't stay away from one another.

Will Alex risk her career and everything she's built professionally to come out?

Can Payton wait for Alex to make that decision?

Find out in this steamy age gap lesbian romance.

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Starting Over by Carol Wyatt