Hot Summer Night

by Lauren Milson

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Hot Summer Night by Lauren Milson
It's our last night on campus and my best friend wants me to "go crazy" (her words!). But I can't. Not without the two off-limits older men I've been pining for, obsessed with, totally tangled up over for three long years... dad's best friends. They promised to protect me. Watch over me. Make sure nothing bad happens to me.

Xavier is a flirt. He makes me feel daring. Just a look from him sends shockwaves through me and makes me want to do things I've never done before.

And Noah. He's a beautiful, rough angel of a man who's eyes make me melt on the spot. He makes me feel safe. He feels like home.

My heart belongs to both of them. I've never even looked at another guy the way I look at them.

I always thought they only saw me as their friend's daughter.

Turns out I was wrong. Very wrong.

They're as obsessed with me as I am with them.

And they've been watching over me all right...

Watching. Waiting. And when they show up on campus to keep tabs on me, that's when things really start to heat up...

They tell me I'm going home with them. They tell me I'm not allowed out of their sight. They become totally hell-bent on claiming what's been theirs all along.

This is what I've been waiting for. What I've been dreaming of for years.

They're all I've ever wanted...

...but what will happen when the night is over and the sun starts to rise?

Am I theirs for just one night, or am I theirs forever?

Two obsessed older men and one inexperienced college gal. No MM in this one -- the guys' attention is totally on her. HEA, no cheating, over-the-top fun.

This book is part of the "Night" series, but each is a complete standalone and they can be read in any order.


xx, Lauren

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Hot Summer Night by Lauren Milson