Clair: Taboo Shoe Club: Vol. 1

by Renee Lindemann

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Clair: Taboo Shoe Club: Vol. 1 by Renee Lindemann
The Taboo Shoe Club Volume 1- Clair
Renee Lindemann

What is the Taboo Shoe Club? Good question. It’s a club of four moderately successful African-American women who, of course, love shoes. Each of these amazing women share a passion for the understated art that can be found in a gorgeous shoe. It might seem silly in a world filled with material obsession that worshipping footwear is equally as superficial. And you are damn right! However, try and stop these four ladies from ogling the top designer shoe brands and you will have a real fight on your hand. In a world gone mad, I know cliché, it’s nice to stop and smell the roses. Just imagine the roses are expensive shoes.
Up first is Clair Brooks!
Clair Brooks is the resident medical professional. Her story, technically, begins in Detroit, MI. However, after falling in love with the Big Apple as a kid, she was determined to make a life in the glamorous but unforgiving city. After graduating with a nursing degree, marrying, and divorcing Xavier Brooks, she went on to pursue a master’s degree in women’s health. Armed with a wealth of medical knowledge and a knack for administering care to underserved populations, she decides to marry again but for love. Even as her heart blossoms under the attention of her uber successful and older husband, Theodore Philips, she continues to strive towards professional excellence. Unfortunately, her story doesn’t go quite as planned. The sudden and painful unraveling of her short marriage forces her to take drastic measures to repair her broken heart. When Clair is presented with a taboo situation, her Journey in Jimmy Choo begins.
This standalone romance story features very adult themes that includes very vivid and steamy depictions of sexual encounters and fabulous shoes.

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Clair: Taboo Shoe Club: Vol. 1 by Renee Lindemann