Mrs. Somebody: What she did for that ring

by Jennylynd James

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Mrs. Somebody: What she did for that ring by Jennylynd James
Mrs. Somebody is loosely based on true stories of women I met in my travels spanning the 1990s and through the 2000s. I may have been a good listener over the years because many women would ply me with tales about their dating exploits. Without judgment, I managed to keep a mental note of some bizarre sketches which I’ve used in writing this novel. The plot follows the lives of five young women who meet in university and continue their friendship after graduating into the working world.Life of youths in their late teens in North America in the 1990s would be considered by some as untamed debauchery with carefree sex, drinking, dating and socializing. The same behavior continues to this day. Society puts extra psychological demands on young women, however, with the idea that they must get married young and have children. When some women enter university, it is with the desire to “marry well”, as instructed in family values handed down for generations and societal norms. “Yes, getting your degree is important, but don’t forget the MRS!”This idea causes anxiety for some and the insane pressure to find a partner at all costs. Society dictates that men can marry later in life, but women should get married younger to “beat the biological clock” in order to bear children. A number of women chose to ignore expectations and focus only on their careers.Mrs. Somebody starts at a university campus in the 1990s before internet and mobile phones became the norm. It shows the transition from face to face personal encounters to impersonal internet dating. The plot begs the question of whether meeting a partner using technology is actually easier or more difficult than chance encounters, introductions and arranged marriages. The storyline also shows that the older a woman gets, the fewer available men seem to be available for marriage. In their late thirties the girls encounter men on the rebound from failed marriages with ex-wives and children. These men have a preference for younger carefree women with “no baggage” and society readily accepts this concept for the man and his desire to continue the quest for a perfect mate.The novel contains subtle and not so subtle examples of human behaviors in North American dating and relationships which would be considered bizarre by other cultures. This includes the lucrative industries built up around using cosmetics and adjusting the aging body to regain its youthful appearance. Mrs. Somebody also shows the tug of war between contemporary and traditional values as the questions asked throughout are “When will I get married? What should I do next to get married?”Is the quest for marriage more interesting than the marriage itself? Let’s find out…

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Mrs. Somebody: What she did for that ring by Jennylynd James