Ever After Love: Real Good Men of Arkansas Complete Series

by Daisy Gold

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Ever After Love: Real Good Men of Arkansas Complete Series by Daisy Gold

Welcome to Arkansas...
Where all the heroes are hunky and all the ladies have curves.

This dual POV collection includes the entire Real Good men of Arkansas series: Five of the strongest, hottest, most noble cowboys you'll ever meet, along with the sweet, smart, sassy women who catch them for keeps. 

Lost & Found Love

These woods have always been my playground. I learned to be a man here—hunting and hiking. 
And I’ve found countless treasures amongst these trees. But I’ve never found anything as magical as Olivia… even if she did startle the deer with all her stomping.

Lost and injured, she’ll need my help to make her way back to civilization. The trouble is, once she’s in my cabin, I don’t want to let her go. Olivia Williams is smart, sweet, sexy, and all kinds of curvy. She’s my perfect woman. 

I’m not the kind of man who believes in fate, but I can’t help feeling as though the woods brought her here for me. Maybe they’ll help me convince her to stay. 

Love & River Songs

On Saturday nights, I watch over my bar and question my life choices.
At least... I did before River walked in.
It ain’t her sweet smile that catches me.
Ain’t her cute little wave or the fact that she let me sneak her into my office for some fun.
It ain’t that she doesn’t know a lick about my past.

It’s all of those things and more. 
River is curious about everything. She’s a sweet, sexy, curvy breath of fresh air, even if she’s hiding a wound she won’t talk about. I figure she might open up if I give her a reason to. 

Love After Life

A few weeks ago, guilt and heartache nearly cost me my life… and my horse.
The thing is, I haven’t quite decided if the former is worth saving.
I’ve run off every nurse my cousin sends up here. But everything changes when she sends a companion instead. 
It ain’t an ideal time for me to fall in love. Yet, love doesn't care much about timing.
Rachel is sweet, strong, bossy, and damned if I don’t love to tease her. 
She makes me feel like myself again... Like I was before.
I know she’s got her own ghosts, too. And I know she has every reason to leave me up here alone once I’m well again. But I’ll do everything in my power to convince my Goldilocks to stay.

Love & Real Life

It took me twenty years to get my family farm back.
But that purchase came with a price, and now I’m honor-bound to host this ridiculous show. 
The only thing that makes it bearable is Evelyn.
Sweet, strong, and sexy, she’s the perfect distraction. 
More than a distraction.
Takes no time at all for me to realize she’s the one I want forever. 
But between her boss’s sullen behavior, and an ambitious television producer’s interference, we’ll have to fight like hell to make this work. 
Good thing I’m ready. 

The Heart Thief

An angel crashed into me at a truck stop.
A beauty with dark eyes, dark hair, full hips, and... sticky fingers.
She stole my money and disappeared without a trace.
Imagine my surprise when she walks back into my life.
Now, it ain’t just her sweet smile that enchants me.
It’s the sleight of hand I didn’t see coming.

Before I know it, Katrina Novack has stolen my heart. She’s a sweet, sexy, brave little thief of hearts, working her way out of a broken past.
And I’ll do everything in my power to give her the life she deserves.

Short, yet long enough to satisfy, these trope-tastic, over-the-top standalones are sweet, steamy, and full of old-fashioned cowboy nobility. The chemistry is high, the love is insta, and the HEA is guaranteed.

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Ever After Love: Real Good Men of Arkansas Complete Series by Daisy Gold