When The Violets Bloom

by S.K. Jansky

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When The Violets Bloom by S.K. Jansky
It was, as Mark Twain called it the Gilded Age. Walter wasn't as rich as the Vanderbilt’s, or the Rockefellers', but he had a commodity that served him well - his daughter. Dolly had learned her lessons at Madame Floushair's School for Young Women. What they hadn’t taught her was her life was her own, not her father’s. And it all would have stayed buried in the past, but then, Pat Walker Lewis has a way of inviting ghosts to tell her their stories, and the music box wouldn't let it rest. Someone wanted her to know what happens: When The Violets Bloom.

This sequel to The Problem With Miracles takes you back to the Colton Family Mansion where sometimes the walls do talk.

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When The Violets Bloom by S.K. Jansky