Poisoned in Paradise (A Grime Fighter Cozy Mystery #1)

by Sarah Jane Weldon

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 29th, 2020  | 

Poisoned in Paradise by Sarah Jane Weldon
A mysterious outbreak. Tourism under threat. Can Rynelle solve the case before it becomes a tropical hot zone?

Public Health Officer Rynelle MacLeod loves keeping her Caribbean island pristine for visitors. But when a visiting billionaire is struck down with food poisoning, she has to cut her own vacation short to stop a nasty crisis. And she’s sure the skin-and-bones stalker who keeps hitting on her is actually a reporter sniffing out a dirty scoop. 

NASA Astronaut Joe Johnson struggles to blend into the blue-water paradise. Secretly on an underwater mission, the ISS-stationed scientist is focused on avoiding people and pathogens and getting his gravity-laden body back into shape. But it’s the larger-than-life, germ-busting beauty he continually bumps into that’s making his heart work overtime.

In a race to prevent microbial mayhem, Rynelle slowly warms up to the scrawny man interfering with tracking down the toxin-inducing culprit. But when Joe thinks she’s about to expose his hidden research habitat, he’s forced to choose between career contamination and an out-of-this world romance.

Can the grime-fighting duo save the island from a septic catastrophe and give their love-infected hearts the all-clear?

Poisoned in Paradise is the first book in the feel-good Grime Fighter cozy mystery series. If you like entertaining mixups, quirky characters, and health-conscious hijinks, then you’ll adore Sarah Jane Weldon’s escape from reality.

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Poisoned in Paradise by Sarah Jane Weldon