Beth's Journey West: Mail Order Bride

by Sandee Keegan

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Beth's Journey West: Mail Order Bride by Sandee Keegan
Beth McThorn is a simple Georgia woman who runs her own dress shop. Life is simple and the days are lazy. But when Charlie Whitfield, a man who is fond of Beth, walks into her shop upset about an old drunk being hung, Beth’s world is turned upside down.

Instead of listening to Charlie’s honest voice about the hanging she dismisses him with a hot temper and goes about her daily business. When Charlie is found dead Beth is quickly rushed out of town by the local Sheriff for her own protection, believing the man who killed Charlie would come after her.

Stricken with guilt and a broken heart Beth heads west where she meets a lovely woman named Mille. Beth ends up staying with Millie and meets a broken Sheriff who lost his family during a bank robbery. Both Beth and the sheriff are broken inside. The situation turns worse when an enemy of the sheriff breaks out of prison and comes gunning for him. Forced to finally fight Beth hunkers down in a tiny house and waits out the obvious. But a sudden miracle opens a door of hope for her and the man she is slowly starting to care for.

Desperate for hope Beth makes a last stand. Will she survive a horrible storm or be swept away into an eternal nightmare?

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Beth's Journey West: Mail Order Bride by Sandee Keegan