Keeping Time: A Between The Clouds Time Travel Novel

by Janet Leigh

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Keeping Time: A Between The Clouds Time Travel Novel by Janet Leigh
CIA agent Jake McCoy is about to tackle his most difficult assignment ever—but will he travel to 1976 to complete the mission?

Jake is used to running the operations at the World Travel Federation. Keeping tabs on the time travelers and calling the shots is his main priority, even if he has to tell a few lies along the way. Now, thanks to an irresponsible traveler and a…miscommunication on his part, he must put his career on the line to locate a missing woman.

Thrust into the middle of an old conflict, Jake teams up with over-the-top transporter Ace and a woman with the eyes of an angel. Jake’s mission to locate Ace’s missing cousin before she changes history is challenged when he discovers a ruthless brigand has remained in the past.

Topping things off, the beautiful woman is asking Jake way too many questions. If he's not careful, this investigation will blow his cover, his career, and possibly get her killed. Armed with only his considerable skills and twenty-first-century knowledge, Jake has no choice but to face the music and find Ace’s cousin before it's too late.

Will Jake use his cunning ability to twist the truth, and his incredible self-control to prevent headquarters from discovering his screw-up, find Ace’s cousin, save history, and stop himself from falling in love with the angel-eyed woman?

This time travel romance envelopes the reader in the ‘70’s “Me Decade” of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Keeping Time is a Between the Clouds Novel in the Jennifer Cloud Time Travel Series.

If you love sexy, hunky heroes and courageous heroines with sass, then you’ll love this time travel romantic series. Join the adventure, buy Keeping Time today.

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Keeping Time: A Between The Clouds Time Travel Novel by Janet Leigh