Nowhere To Hide... (Behind The Scenes #3)

by Heather Mar-Gerrison

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Nowhere To Hide... by Heather Mar-Gerrison
My name is Eden Makepeace. I was an up and coming actor, confident in my ability to win over one of the best producers in the industry.
I never for one minute thought the guy would take advantage of me in the worst way possible - but I was wrong.
I woke up in pain, in a hotel room, alone, with a note stuck in my shoe, thanking me for attending my ‘interview’ and offering me the part...

My name is Josh Shaw. My best friend just told me that Patrick Woods, one of the biggest producers in the industry, drugged and raped him in a hotel room. Looking at how broken he is, I believe him with every fibre of my being and I just want to track the bastard down that did this too him and kill him with my bare hands…

My name is Miller Lewis and the biggest story of my life has just landed in my lap. Some young wannabe has tweeted about one of the biggest producers in the industry - accusing him of rape. This is huge and I’ve been given the go ahead to run with it. Only trouble is, Josh, his best friend is a little like a Rottweiler - he’s so protective of Eden, he has to be in love with him - which is really inconvenient, since he’s the most attractive, compelling human being I’ve ever encountered in my whole life…

When Eden Makepeace goes for an interview with one of the industry's top producers, he has no idea that his life is about to be turned upside down in the worst way.
Nowhere to hide is the concluding book in my Behind the Scenes series. It and is told from Eden, Josh and Miller’s points of view, following Eden’s journey back from hell to a much better place, with a little help from his friends.

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Nowhere To Hide... by Heather Mar-Gerrison