Hot for the Teacher (The Tea of Angel Falls #2)

by Scerina Elizabeth

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 31st, 2020  | 

Hot for the Teacher by Scerina Elizabeth
A short steamy story about a sexy teacher who is having a forbidden affair with one of her students in the small town of Angel Falls where a clean cut reputation is everything and a secret affair like this could ruin someone in this small town.

Not every newcomer in Angel Falls is as sweet and innocent as they may seem. Some are poisonous vipers who have evil intentions to ruin other's lives. Especially those caught in very compromising positions which could ruin them for life.

But sometimes, when one pisses off enough individuals especially in a small town like Angel Falls, they get what they so rightly deserve in the end.

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Hot for the Teacher by Scerina Elizabeth