Death Wind (Elven Alliance #3)

by Tara Grayce

4.15 · 10 ratings · Published: Sep 1st, 2020  | 

Death Wind by Tara Grayce
Essie should be planning her happily ever after, not planning a war.

Although they once were enemies, the humans of Escarland and the elves of Tarenhiel have allied to fight the trolls from the far north. But alliances are tricky things even in the best of times, and with Farrendel, the elves’ foremost warrior and Essie’s husband, captured by the trolls, the circumstances appear dire indeed.

But Essie won’t give up, and she will make her two peoples work together to fight this war if it’s the last thing she does. One way or another, she will get Farrendel back, no matter what it takes.

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Death Wind by Tara Grayce