She Got A Thing For A Dope 2

by Tay Mo'Nae

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She Got A Thing For A Dope 2 by Tay Mo'Nae
They say don’t go looking for trouble because you might find it. Josie should have listened. At the end of part one, she finally finds out J-Rocs secret. Feeling heartbroken and betrayed Josie decides it’s best to leave him alone and move on, but will it be that easy? J-Roc refuses to let her leave him and must try to get a handle on things before he loses Josie for good.Kyleigh’s left knocking on death's door after a horrible accident. Ice is stressed trying to be there for Kyleigh and trying to find the person who harmed her. He tries to change his ways but when situations out his control cause him to revert back to his dog ways, he has to decide if it’s worth it. Levi and Neveah can’t seem to get it right. Levi is battling the cops off him as well as his feelings for Neveah. With her family against her, Neveah has no one but Kyleigh to turn too. Levi’s hot and cold behavior pushes her into the arms of another man but will Levi allow her to be happy with someone other than him?The Feds are closing in, relationships are failing, and death is in the air. How will these couples survive the obstacles thrown their way?

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She Got A Thing For A Dope 2 by Tay Mo'Nae