Howling for the Wolf (Seven Brothers #1)

by Ann Kinnett

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Howling for the Wolf by Ann Kinnett
On her way to her new life, Robbie Evans thought she had everything together to start afresh after her mother’s death. But her plans go awry when an accident leaves her car totaled. When she wakes up in a cabin covered in blood but with no wounds on her body, she knows something odd is happening around her. But she has no idea just how strange her life is going to get.

Gabe Shaw is stuck in his own kind of purgatory … or hell. Trapped by something he doesn’t understand with all six of his brothers, he’s resigned himself to wandering and waiting. Stumbling across a totaled car and a lifeless Robbie, his weird life gets even weirder. Burdened by secrets, mistrust of others, and his own desperate desire to be normal, can Gabe trust himself enough to let someone in?

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  • shapeshifters 2
  • fantasy 2
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Howling for the Wolf by Ann Kinnett