Untamed Heart : The Inevitable

by Mary Orwell

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Untamed Heart : The Inevitable by Mary Orwell

Between gallery owners and collectors, Skad is an artist known for his transgressive paintings represent zombified people fused with transistors, vacuum tubes, and circuit boards.

But his true masterpiece, his ultimate atrocity, has been his own existence.

To reach his goals, Skad has ruined a lot of lives than he can remember, all with a cruel blend of nonchalance, malice, and glee.

Through his adventures of falling in love, getting his hearts broken, and learning lessons that explain there is more to life than he has ever imagined.

Now, facing his own oncoming mortality and reeling from the death of his estranged son, he returns to his family home on Lake Sauvage to get some peace.

But the community by the water has a long memory, and in its earth, the past refuses to stay dead...........................

A man should run toward death not away from it. This is how Skad sees it. But after losing a son, it was only natural he would need a moment to rest and reflect. To shade his eyes from the looming darkness, while he recovers the strength to move forward again.

He deems Lake Sauvage the best place to do this. The dull, quiet land of his youth has none of the distractions of the city. People would not be ringing at his bell and dropping by unannounced. No one would be phoning him to ask him for an interview, or to create a piece for charity, or to teach a seminar. Not even his agent has his number at the old cottage.

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Untamed Heart : The Inevitable by Mary Orwell