The Masters M.C.: Riding Into Heaven

by B.B. Blaque

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The Masters M.C.: Riding Into Heaven by B.B. Blaque
DISCLAIMER: If you have read The Masters M.C. #1 Property of and #2 Beautiful Insanity or the 2nd edition of Property Of there is no new content in this origin/prequel. The content of this book is intended to introduce new readers to the series and characters. (The original 2 books had this story woven through them, the 2nd Edition of Property Of has this as a bonus.) This story is important in getting to know where the guys came from, and how they got out of their respective 1% clubs and became BDSM masters.

WARNING: Strong and unfiltered language, violence, drug use (not pro-drugs), and uncensored mature content. Intended for only those 21+

Colt Daniels and Kash Kendrick had been raised in two separate 1% clubs—one on the east coast and the other on the west. When they were hired to work security at an underground BDSM event their vision of what they wanted in their ol' ladies changed. It was a joke. It was never going to happen. Then the day came when it could be real.
They found a mentor in an experienced BDSM master who taught them there could be redemption and acceptance by embracing the beasts within.
The two hard-core, old school bikers dared to make the joke a reality. It was a bloody road, but they paved their own path and chose to turn away from the world they knew.

This is the birth of The Masters M.C. and how they rode into the Heaven they created.

* The following books in the series are as follows
#1 Property Of 2nd Edition
#2 Beautiful Insanity 2nd Edition (Dark romance)
#3 F.T.W. (Very dark and unconventional romance. No HEA, but a happier for now.)
#4 G.F.Y. (Very dark continuation of book #3)
This will complete The Masters M.C. but the characters and story lines will continue into the Malevolent MC series TBR fall 2020.

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The Masters M.C.: Riding Into Heaven by B.B. Blaque