Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Great Lakes Coast Guard #1)

by Kenna Ebersole

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Kenna Ebersole
He lost everything to injury

Forced to retire early from his beloved Coast Guard, Mack McDevitt still can’t believe he’s landed in Door County, Wisconsin. When an old Coastie friend asks him to help with a surveillance job, Mack eagerly agrees. Little does he know he’ll end up watching a very attractive—and very single—college student, and her mobbed-up neighbor.

Wrong time, wrong place

Summer is over, but Janelle Torgerson is still at her family’s lake cabin, finishing her master's thesis. The island is quiet this time of year, and her visit to the shore should have been routine. But when she interrupts some unsavory visitors next door, she has no choice but to flee for her life.

Janelle may hold the key to Mack’s surveillance gig. Can he keep her safe long enough to untangle the mystery?

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Kenna Ebersole